Tournament Chart Maker

Do you have a need for speed?

If so, you are at the right place. Help your tournaments run fast with Tournament Chart Maker. My last derby had 46 racers on a 4 lane track and it took 1 hr and 30min to complete the races, and that time included a 15 to 20 min devotional.


Tournament Chart Maker is a double elimination automated tournament chart management program. The program can be used with any type of tournament from billiards to Pinewood derby. The program has several run-time modes a two, three, four, and five competitors mode, the mode selection must be made on the initial screen of the program after starting the program.

The two competitor mode will manage tournaments with up to 64 individuals or teams eash chart.

The three competitor mode will manage tournaments with up to 54 individuals or teams each chart.

The four competitor mode will manage tournaments with up to 64 individuals or teams each chart.

The five competitor mode will manage tournaments with up to 50 individuals or teams each chart.

What identifies each participant and the progress? A name and number will identify each individual participant or team, and tournament progress is identified by reverse video. (Black background and white text.)

New Feature

Now supports time differential for soapbox derbies. (Up to 16 racers per chart, 2 Lanes)

Don't see a feature  that you need or want?

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Program Features Overview: (Detailed)

  • Double elimination standard or best 2 out of 3 ¤

  • Soapbox Derby support time differential races 16 Racers per chart(Single and Double elimination and best 2 out of 3)
  • ¤¤
  • 2,3,4 or 5 competitors per heat

  • Identification of current and on-deck competitors

  • Automatic bracket swapping

  • Random Competitor assignments

  • Competitors are randomly assigned to starting bracket

  • Name and number identifier

  • Individual’s data saved edited or deleted for pre-tournament entry

  • Multiple chart management

  • Print active chart information

  • Open charts with custom name

  • Open charts pre-configured for Cub Scouts and Awana Clubs

  • Championship bracket

  • Drivers License for competitors with custom pictures

  • Competitors Check-in Sheet

  • Judge Guidelines(Design)

  • Volunteer Management Sheet

  • Heat Data Recovery
¤ Best 2 out of 3 is typically used for Soapbox derby, but some pinewoods run this way. Competitors race up to three times per heat swapping lanes after each race once someone wins twice then advances to the next heat. To select this option you must click the (2 out of 3) Double Elimination radio button at the top of the chart screen. This is a 2-4 lane only feature. Tournament Chart Maker is suitable for many types of tournament.

¤¤ Time Differential Races - 2 lanes only - Each racer races on both lanes and time is entered for both races, and the racer with the lowest combined time wins. 16 Racers per chart

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Key Program Features Overview: (Highlights)

  • Double elimination Charts
  • Time Differential Charts
  • 2,3,4 or 5 competitors
  • Random assignments
  • Random assignments
  • Pre-tournament entry
  • Multiple charts
  • Print chart information
  • Charts with custom name
  • Championship bracket
  • Drivers License
  • Check-in Sheet
  • Judge Guidelines(Design)
  • Volunteer Sheet
  • Heat Data Recovery

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